TypeOnsite Course
DateFeb 3, 2021 - Apr 21, 2021
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Marriage is often the most wonderful, amazing, supportive, enjoyable, awful, terrible, challenging, heart-wrenching relationship one can have. Filled with complexity and nuances, learning how to build and maintain a satisfying marriage poses unique challenges.

This 12-session course exposes you to potent concepts and valuable tools for effectively coaching clients into satisfying marriages. You will be able to mentor in the state, city or country that you live in.

Course Objectives:

As a result of this course, mentees will learn:

Section 1The Foundations of Marriage Coaching
Section 2Understanding the distinctions between marriage coaching and counseling
Section 3Understand the critical impact of the coach’s stance with confidentiality
Section 4Learn the principles of starting from the beginning to working with the client
Section 5Be exposed to working with individuals
Section 6Be exposed to working with Pre- marriages
Section 7Be exposed to working with marriages
Section 8Focus on concepts around framing the relationship and creating a goal oriented program
Section 9Learn to Decipher one on one expectations in marriage and in the coaching relationship
Section 10Learn to apply workable vision templates for your workshop, seminars, or conferences
Section 11Learn how to listen to the information that you will receive
Section 12Discover the power of turning the prospect into a client and closing the deal