TypeOnline Course
DateJun 25, 2018
Certificate70% of quiz marks
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Marriage is often the most wonderful, amazing, supportive, enjoyable, awful, terrible, challenging, heart-wrenching relationship one can have. Filled with complexity and nuances, learning how to build and maintain a satisfying marriage poses unique challenges.

This 12-session course exposes you to potent concepts and valuable tools for effectively coaching clients into satisfying marriages. You will be able to mentor in the state, city or country that you live in.

Course Objectives:

As a result of this course, mentees will learn:

  • The Foundation for Christian Marriage Coaching
    • The Foundational Course for Christian Coaches was designed specifically for equipping Christian lay leaders and pastoral teams, teachers, ministers and others with the tools for reaching and empowering clients who are seeking to grow in the context of their Christian faith and inspiring them to grow in accordance with their God given gifts and talents. This course is the cornerstone of our coach training program, providing training to develop the skills they will need to enter the coaching profession.
  • Understand the distinctions between marriage coaching and counseling
  • Understand the critical impact of the coach’s stance with confidentiality
  • Learn the principles of starting from the beginning to working with the client
  • Be exposed to working with Pre- marriages
  • Be exposed to working with marriages
  • Focus on concepts around framing the relationship and creating a goal oriented program
  • Learn to Decipher one on one expectations in marriage and in the coaching relationship
  • Learn to apply workable vision templates for your workshop or individual
  • Learn how to listen to the information that you will receive
  • Discover the power of turning the prospect into a client and closing the deal