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Pastor Jerome Moore

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Pastor Jerome Moore is from Los Angeles, Ca. for where he surrounded himself with the “wrong crowd” in the inner city of Los Angeles. It seemed that he was going to be just another statistic until he met his wife in San Diego. Growing up in California for over 40 Years; God had another plan for His life.

In a profound encounter, although he attended church Pastor Jerome Moore encountered a revelation and the spirit of God fell upon him in a Revival in a small church in Coco Beach, Fl. In 2000. He heard God Speak through Dr. Zachery Tim’s’ while turning the television channel one day and He

immediately got involved in a 1,500 member charismatic church in which he served as a Deacon, served in security, was the  department head for the Honor Guards and Director of the business ministry under strong leadership and spiritual mentoring at New Destiny Christian Center, Apopka, fl. This was the beginning of Pastor Moore’s deep training for the ministry where he learned the inner workings of the church.

Being fully nurtured on the Word of God and exercising proven faith; the teachings of  Dr. Zachery and Pastor Riva Tim’s for 11 years grounded his faith.  In addition to becoming favored from God Pastor Moore is a true entrepreneur. While owning and running a moving company and consulting business he saved souls of business men and woman and led many to Christ who became believers. Many that were already believers and non believers were attracted to Pastor Moore for encouragement.

With over 20 Years in Ministry and a leading voice in relationships and marriages he has been well grounded in the word of God. Pastor Jerome is married to the love of his life Pastor Ivy Moore of 35 years; who he calls God’s prophetic intercessory gift of grace over marriages and in his life – together they have two beautiful children; along with three grandchildren. They have cultivated a cutting edge company; Marriage 4 Life Institute.

Their passion is to build strong marriages and family units that will glorify God to produce purpose established to Teach, Reach, Re-Tool and Collaborate with others about Restoring, Repairing, Rebuilding and Renewing Broken Relationships

He is the author of “Igniting the Flame of One”(Building Marriages and Educating Couples), “The Power of 4 in your marriage”(Trust, Humility, Faith, Love) Detox Your Marriage” (40 days of prayer and fasting) “Stumbling Blocks in Your Marriage” (Don’t let them fall) and “You are a VIP” (Victorious in Persevering) 

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