For Wives Only Interview

I’m thrilled to have you join me on the For Wives Only Podcast!  

The focus of the Powerful Panels and Interviews is to inspire, encourage, uplift, and educate to create a lively and informative heart to heart conversation live online, at a meeting, conference, or convention.

Our listeners/viewers are looking for inspiration, encouragement, and uplifting ideas from you to educate them with experiences, ideas, tips, techniques, examples, stories, and whatever else you think they need  so you can input real value to their lives.

Our listeners/viewers really like examples and stories:

“Here’s something that  I have been through”

“Here’s how I do this as a wife”

“Here’s my best inspiration/encouragement/or education that I can leave with them..

“Here’s how I handled a difficult situation…”

“What I don’t do as a wife ( anymore)…”

Are you a wife that is passionate about uplifting other wives? Or, do you have an experience, story, or life journey to share with our audience? Contact us to be a part of the podcast for a panel discussion or just plain old interview. 

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