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DateOct 10, 2022 - Nov 21, 2022
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It is admitted that couples are rather naïve regarding their needs, situations and problems. We as coaches must help them see what obstacles face in their marriage and give them hope and means to overcome the challenges that they face. We find it rather amusing that during our pre observation marital appointment that couples usually want help after a big argument. They do not want to come but it is very important to the success of their relationship. Truth, Guidance, love and hope sowed early into a couples life brings about much fruit. The tools for success that we prepare are very structured. They guide us through purposed conversations where we are able to know and understand the couple.
The first lessons are half taken up by getting to know the couple better. As, the sessions progress , the couple is progressed on how to converse with each other, resolve problems, and appreciate each other. The coaches’ responsibility is to help them face their problems early on in a protected context so that they can by God’s grace manage them well later on in life. Couples will always have difficulties to face and overcome but through the help of Jerome and Ivy; they will be able to conquer anything with the right guidance.

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Course Objectives:

Below are some of the courses that we have put together besides any other special programs designed for your situation.
Section 1Being Accountable
Section 2Challenges You are Facing
Section 3Clarification on the Problems
Section 4Holding You Responsible
Section 5Communication,Communication,Communication
Section 6Retrospective Listening
Section 7Commitment and The Process