Booking Your Wedding or Vow Renewal


Please read carefully the following instructions regarding booking and paying for your wedding or vow renewal with Marriage 4 Life Institute.

1. Complete the initial booking form below (including your preferred date/time for your wedding) and press “SUBMIT REQUEST”.  An email will be generated and sent to us with the details of your request. Please remember that 14 days notice is required for all bookings.

2. Once the information has been received by us you will receive an email response within 24 to 48 hours to either confirm the date / time you requested or to suggest an alternative date / time if your request cannot be accommodated. 

3. As soon as a date/time and price has been agreed upon, you will receive a confirmation email which will request that you complete the PAYMENT” of half the initial deposit  within 3 days.   Please note: Your wedding is not reserved until the initial deposit has been received.

4. Once notification of the payment of the initial deposit has been received we will send you an email acknowledging receipt of payment and date booked.

5.  Once you have received confirmation of the payment of your deposit we will email you The Two Shall Become One Ceremony in PDF form. 

  • A PDF entitled “The Two Shall Become One Ceremony booklet will give you important information about preparing for your wedding / vow renewal and also instructions for your special day. Please be sure to read it thoroughly!

5. Once you have filled out the form submitting specific details of your wedding  or vow renewal  we will send notification of the balance due – which is required to be paid 7 days before the wedding. Please DO NOT pay your deposit (or any other payment) until you have received confirmation of the date and time of your ceremony.


    To give us some initial information, please complete the following form. Once the date / time of your wedding has been confirmed and the initial deposit paid, we will send you an email with an attachment requesting specific details regarding your wedding.