Pastor Ivy Moore’s Bio

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Pastor Ivy Moore has been a believer all her life. She was ordained in 2008 by Bishop TD Jakes. She believes in God first, marriage and family. She is a prophetic voice for interceding for marriages. She loves empowering individuals, women and couples by the practical principles of every day issues. As an advocate for complete change in marriages, she rallies others to be an answer to desperate problems near and far that are plaguing couples. She is the author of “Igniting the Flame of One” (Building Marriages and Educating Couples) “The Power of 4 in Your Marriage” (Trust, Humility, Faith, Love) “Detox Your Marriage” (40 days of prayer)

Stumbling Blocks in Your Marriage (Don’t let them fall) “You are a VIP” (Victorious in Persevering) and “Woman! Why Do You Weep!” (I can hear your cry). She and her husband of 33 years Jerome Moore founded Marriage 4 Life Institute, established to Teach, Reach, and collaborate with others about Domestic Violence, Restoring, Repairing, Rebuilding and Renewing Broken Relationships.

Ivy is the mother of two and grandmother of three. Ivy is a woman of Action! She is a entrepreneur at heart and She boldly overcomes any barrier and has become known as one who creates her own opportunities for success.