3 Sep 2019

Walking in Favor in your Marriage!

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Marriages who walk in favor everyday will be easy to notice in every day life. Those who have realized their calling in life, those who know what their dreams are as an asset and reaching toward them; you will have to go through the process. You will know when you are following the fruition of God in your life. Yes, life are like rough diamonds sometimes. In their natural state they are removed from the depth of the earth and undergo a polishing process that will glitter and luster in the eyes of others. Patience is the key; because if you bet on yourself you will never lose. To the uneducated eye, rough diamonds look more like shards of glass that are not polished to their full potential. They are oily and dull, and come in different colors ranging from yellow through green to brown. Their price is lowered than that of polished diamonds. In order to walk in favor you cannot sit around and wonder if your dreams will come into fruition; you have to put it into action and know what your next step is. You have to know that the road has already been paved. In order for the road to stay paved you have to continue to be girded in the word of God.

Make it a point to read the Word regularly, to remind and refresh yourself on the teachings of God. In order to bring out those rough diamond’s and have a breakthrough, a professional marriage coach is needed at times. We are here for you; whether it be for prayer or coaching services. For the most part, when speaking about favor in your marriage it will clear your mind and remove stresses. It will take you to a higher spiritual level and allow you to prepare for your day. Stay plugged in, and stay open to the plans that the Lord has in store for you. Walking in favor is the way to reach the roadmap to your true destination that God has set for you. Only 20% of the diamonds produced annually are designated as gem-quality. We want you to be that gem in your marriage. Nevertheless, there is no regulated set of criteria to evaluate them, so it is difficult to assess their price.

Heavenly Father,

We ask that you create in the marriages a clean heart for you. If they are not walking in favor; we ask you to pour out blessings and favor on them right now. Take out the rough diamonds in their life and give them Gems of purity. Expand the areas in which they can impact others for the good. Show them the ways in which you have given them to bless others. Keep them from evil, anger and a hard heart from experiencing their gifts in life. Lord, please expand their territories. Let their light so shine that they may be lifted up in your presence. Your word tells them that every good and perfect gift comes from You for You are the giver of all good things. In Jesus Name; Amen.