17 Sep 2019

A Life Time of Romance in Marriage

A romance is in the dictionary as a verb as to carry on a love affair, adventure, excitement. When we look at romance; we think of the day that we met with those butterflies going all over the place. Don’t you remember the sparks in your relationship which ignited and blossomed into a full affair. After 1 month of dating the holy spirit told my husband that I was to be his wife. I resisted and said, no I don’t even know you. God knows every plan in your life. After 3 years of dating and 33 years of marriage, that romance is still there and everyone asks how do you all do it? Well, it is in communication, knowing one another and Igniting the Flame of One. This is one of the first books that we wrote. It is not a romance novel, drama or fiction. It is the truth that is written in the words and scriptures of God. Two are better than one. Couples don’t always commit their relationships to the word of God and that is what is missing in relationships. He would like couples to enjoy each other fully; and you can when you are ONE.

The Lord would like you to reignite with one another as when you first met. Arouse the romance with dates, dancing with each other, talking to one another about everything; even if you don’t both agree. Taking vacations and enjoying the life that God has given you. You can do it. Live your best life and do not let the enemy come in.

Our Prayer for You Today!

Heavenly Father,

We ask that you continue to give us steady romance in our marriage and continue the butterflies in our soul. Continue to spark and ignite in us everyday feelings that you gave us when we first met. That we will continue to be obedient to your word. Give us eyes to see, a heart to beat, ears to hear, the words that come out of our spouses continually with pureness and joy. Help us to enjoy each other with cuddling and kissing every moment of the day. Guide us into your wisdom and also be able to teach couples that it is not hard with you in their lives. We ask that you cover every couple with the precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Amen.