27 Sep 2019

Don’t Buckle Under Pressure

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Pressure is the force applied to a particular area in your life. Stress-producing factors is called “stressor. It is a fact of life. You buckle under pressure when you drive to work, when you deal with co-workers, when you are the boss, when you get into relationships, when you have some unexpected emergencies come up, when you deal with your children and when unexpected things happen in your marriage. Happiness, sadness, pain, trauma, cold, heat, worry, all produce the same symptoms of being under pressure within the body. This unfortunately causes stress which effects all age levels, rich, poor, regardless of who you are. You may experience sudden headaches, anxiety, start to perspire, have an increased heart rate, feel tightening of the muscles in your back, neck or around your forehead, burst into tears, bite your nails or have anger issues. During these pressures your body works to readjust itself to normal functioning once the pressure is released. Far too many are left on the sidelines of their marriage, or relationships and left to defend without any help. There is help for you! The husband, wife, children are all in need of support.

A open end condition can be the desire to win a game, the recognition to perform well in a public place, or sympathizing with a person suffering great loss. They are all different, but they all elicit essentially the same.

It is a response state, the intensity of which is determined by individual perception and interpretation. People respond differently to the same stressors. A traffic jam may mildly irritate one person and completely traumatize another. The point to note is that the amount of stress if not released will cause you to stay unbuckled. The context in which the stress occurs and the previous experience of the individuals affected are also important.

Stress of course is often associated with the unpleasant tragedies in life. This can lead to the view that if we avoid stressful situations, while being unbuckled that we will be better off. And indeed, in cases of severe stress we need to make sure that we get help to have a closed end condition. This can be done with a therapeutic approach in dealing with certain symptoms that may need a therapist. However, in Job 12:13 NKJV it says “With Him are wisdom and strength, He has counsel and understanding.

Let’s Pray,

Heavenly Father, We all fall into situations where we are under pressure. Help us to release all these with your GUIDANCE and WORD. Help us to not always have open conditions; but release all the pressures in life under your guidance with the help of professionals with wisdom. Create in us a sound mind and heart for you. Let us not have a spirit of burnout for you; when we fall into loss of feeling, feelings of detachment, hopelessness, or have a tendency of treating others in a dehumanized way. Continue to work on us. Bring to us the right people that will help us strategize a plan to a closed end condition and to put all the past behind us.

In Jesus Name, Amen.