You Are A VIP

You Are A VIP


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Let’s face it before you were ever born God knew you. He knows of your days, numbered you and created you for a reason here on this earth. It is with passion and it is a purpose with perseverance that only you can yourself fulfill. He has created you the passion and desire to move forward in this life. So our dreams and desires and our perseverance are all set aside in order to function. Discouragement, shame and the demands of daily life will rob you of your dreams. We must accomplish those ultimate dreams and desires that just wont go away are in us for a real purpose. God’s plan for our lives of being a VIP. Do you realize that you are a VIP?

If not, don’t be concerned. God has made it easy for you to get on the right track to finding and knowing his plan with perseverance for your life. We have written this book along with the goal planning guide to help you along the way. We encourage you to join us on this journey of knowing that You Are a VIP (Victorious In Persevering)