Pray for One Another

11 Apr 2018

Pray for One Another

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It is not obvious, but you might want to consider the idea of praying for each other.

Maybe it would be easier to think about praying for your children first. We hope they will be happy, we hope they will be successful, we hope they will find love, and meaning, and comfort and peace. These are some of the prayers of life.

It’s okay to pray to them and bless them; From lullabies to wedding toasts, we wish them the best, and we hope that the world blesses them with inner and outer riches.

To bless them is to say,As much as it is in my power to give this to you, We want you to have it. As much as it is beyond our power to give this to you, We still want you to have it. As much as We can influence fate or destiny, We would like to, so that you can have these blessings.

Now try the same with your partner. Think about blessing them. Think about wanting them to have inner and outer peace, inner and outer beauty, inner and outer wealth, inner and outer happiness, etc. Think about wanting to give it to them, as much as it’s in your power to do so. Think about wishing it for them, and trying to send it to them even when it’s beyond your power to do so.

That’s blessing them.

Not a bad idea.

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