Keeping the Weeds Out

11 Apr 2018

Keeping the Weeds Out

Contrary to popular belief, dandelions cannot be effectively prevented. They can only be controlled when they’re actively growing.The best defense against weeds is a thick carpet of grass – so thick it doesn’t give the weed seeds a chance to sprout. That’s one reason a Lawn Service focuses on improving your lawn’s turf density. And during the growing season they constantly monitor your lawn for new weeds and knock them out if they appear.”

So how do you relate this to marriage?

There are many weeds out there that threaten marriage. Children, work, career, friends, family, and anything that directs your time and attention away from you spouse or creates stress, challenge and at times upheaval. You can’t prevent them, you wouldn’t necessarily want to prevent them. Many of these “weeds” are blessings in your life. But how do you control for them so that they don’t penetrate the turf of your marriage? Like the lawn care guy says, you have to keep the turf so thick that weeds don’t have a chance to sprout.

So how do you keep the turf of your marriage thick?

Take time out for each other to laugh and play together. Make your marriage a priority and don’t let other life obligations get in the way of spending time togetherTalk through difficulties with one another with kindness, a loving heart and an open mind (be willing to listen to and understand your partner’s perspective).

Our Prayer for You Today!

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for trimming the weeds out of my life. Thank you for giving me intellectual thinking, knowledge, and education of my relationship. Lord, help me to fully understand the stress  and challenges that try to choke me out. Help us to fully understand and trust in you and lay all our confidence in you instead of the knowledge, background and possessions or people. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.