Growing in Intimacy

11 Apr 2018

Growing in Intimacy

Many couples wistfully remember those sweet, innocent times before marriage that they were so interested in each other. They would go out of their way just to see each other. How does a couple get back to that state? In one sense you can’t because your motivation is not the same. In another sense, however, you can.

You need to prioritize time to grow together. You actually need carve out time in your schedule to be together.

It is a simple act of obedience for the husband to cleave to or cherish his wife. He will spend time with her to ‘know’ her more. The time will need to be cut out of other segments of life such as entertainment and work. Parents may need to reduce some of the time used carting the children to their many activities.

Your relationship is important.

We believe there are three components to a growing marriage: Personal sharing, mutual understanding and deepening commitment.It is a cycle that goes round and round, growing deeper each time. Let’s look at these three important aspects of growing an intimate marriage.

               A Prayer for you!

Heavenly Father,

Please help the couples grow in intimacy as they turn their eyes and hearts to wisdom and apply it to understanding. Help them to see that your commands to treasure your word will take them further in their relationship. Give them clarity on personal sharing, mutual understanding and a deepening commitment with you. Let the angels take charge over their lives to know that growing in intimacy is a wonderful thing as long as they cherish you daily.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen