A Three Fold Cord not Easily Broken

11 Apr 2018

A Three Fold Cord not Easily Broken

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Most marriages don’t have a three fold cord.” Most marriages don’t stay “happily-ever-after.”

It’s dangerous to think that relationships should be easy all the time. Because if you believe, “When I find my true love, I will live happily ever after,” then, at a time when you’re not happy, you could easily conclude: “He or she must not be my true love.”

But you might be wrong.

There are times when we need to keep going even though it’s difficult. There are times when we have to find new ways even though we’re discouraged. This is called deepening commitment,mutual understanding and God’s covenant between the two of you. It’s the faith that the difficult path leads to a better time and a better place.

Difficulty and discouragement are not necessarily signs that “all is lost.” Yes, sometimes difficulty suggests “we got to let it go.” But other times difficulty suggests “keep on truckin’” and “perseverance furthers.”

For most people, Real Love comes AFTER difficulty and discouragement, not before.

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