Women of Strength 2020

“Coming Together As One Women’s Conference is to empower women of all generations and ethnicities; who are in all stages of their lives. This is a non-denominational Christian gathering for women founded by Pastor Ivy Moore. This event provides an opportunity for women to step back from their busy lives to be renewed by inspiring speakers and workshop presenters. This is a two day conference in the Lake Nona area on March 6th & 7th 2020, at Converge Southeast.  This conference will add real lasting value with something that every woman can take away to their family and community.

There will be three key note speakers on Friday March 6th and workshop presenters on March 7th 2020. There will be a continental breakfast on Saturday from 8-9 and then workshop presentations with a panel discussion for questions. There will also be vendors & sponsors. The theme of the March WOS2020 Conference is “Unshakable Faith”. This Conference is FREE. Registration Required.

Conference Host
Ivy Moore


Lake Nona, FL
Global Ambassador CRU
Keynote Speaker
Shainika Jacobs
Denver Colorado

Keynote Speaker
Darlene Torres
Lake Nona, FL
Gospel Singer
Flo Logan
Melbourne, FL

Workshop Presenter
Pastor Sandra Tracy
Little Rock, Arkansas

Topic: No More Excuses

It is time! Today is your DAY! Not one minute longer will I tolerate the tricks, schemes or plans of the enemy nor will I play into his hand.
No more EXCUSES! I Declare WAR!

Nehemiah 4:14 (NIV)After I looked things over, I stood up and said to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people, “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.”

Workshop Presenter
Dr. Andrea Ali-Panzarella
Lake Nona, Fl

Topic: Parenting from a Pediatrician Mom’s Perspective

As a pediatrician and mom of twins, I quickly realized that my medical training enhanced my parenting skills up to a certain point. I spent countless hours researching common questions that came up daily.
This presentation will focus on popular topics that pediatricians may not be discussing with parents during office visits due to time constraints, medical concerns, and lack of knowledge. We will navigate through each age group and leave the discussion open to questions along the way.

Workshop Presenter
Shatoyia Falls
Coral Springs, Fl

Topic: Uncomfortable Change Leads to Unshakable Faith

During this Segment of the workshop, the audience will be able to learn what uncomfortable change looks like and how it can lead them to a journey of unshakable faith. The facilitator will discuss key components of how life challenges are not intended to stop us; but rather draw us closer to God by increasing our prayers and meditations, reading His unchanging Word, and worshiping Him Sacrificially. It becomes uncomfortable at times when we don’t feel like praying or waiting on God’s promises because of how we perceive our situations. In the midst of our emotions, we will still uncomfortably and sacrifically worship Him and always seek His perfect will for our lives. These are some of the strategies that will lead to unshakable faith!

Workshop Presenter
Dr. Juanita Jenyons-Retired
Lake Nona, FL
Health Coach
Dr. Jenyons Healthy Water

Topic: Six Dimensions of Wellness

While most would define wellness as the absence of disease, I will make a case that wellness is a balance between our Physical, Emotional, Financial, Educational, Social & Spiritual Health.
I will briefly touch on the emotional, financial, educational & social aspects, but my focus will be on the physical. I will go over the nutritional changes we need to embrace to stay healthy. Basically: What should we eat?
The talk will be factual, comical & spiritually grounded.
I will use a power point presentation with outlines, pictures & scriptures.