Premarital / Marital Coaching One Heart One Mind

We recommend premarital /marital coaching for every couple. Just think about it. The great God that created male and female also created marriage. He knows how marriage works! Why not see what he has to say? We do not know of any one who married with the hopes of having a bad marriage. The question is, “How is this couple going to get there? Where are the good role models for these people? They are hard to find. The more the relationships and families break apart, the more a study of what God says about marriage helps with the maturity and growth. Premarital/marital coaching is seen as a much needed course that enhances the truth of relevancy to establishing a good and Godly marriage for the couple.

It is admitted that couples are rather naïve regarding their needs. Hopefully the couples will open their minds and understand the real reality of ine min and one heart. We as coaches must help them see what obstacles they might find in their early stage of marriage and give them hope and means to overcome. We find it rather amusing that during our pre-marital appointments that couples usually come over after a big argument and talking divorce. They do not want to come but it is very important to the success and health of their relationship. Truth, Guidance, love and hope sowed early into a couple’s life brings about much fruit. The tools for success that we prepare are very flexible. They guide us through purposed conversations where we are able to know and understand the couple. The first lessons are half taken up by getting to know the couple better. As, the sessions progress , the couple is progressed on how to converse with each other, resolve problems, and appreciate each other. The coaches’ responsibility is to help them face their problems early on in a protected context so that they can by God’s grace manage them well on in life. Couples will always have difficulties to face and overcome but the challenges that they will face will prepare them for life.

We meet six times before the wedding and once afterward. We also suggest having ongoing sessions throughout the first five years to see where you are in your marriage. We hold these workshops and seminars very often. Our sessions are semi private; that is we usually have several couples in the workshop and then one on one private session’s for those needing them. Since there is not much out there about premarital sessions, we will share with you what we do for each lesson. Please choose the course that is best suited for your need.