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Most Couples Don’t Want A Divorce; They Want Change

When couples say “I do” they enter into an covenant partnership. They buy cars, houses, books, big-screen TVs. They have children. They make plans. They make assumptions. They get disappointed. Like shareholders of a corporation, they have invested in the partnership. They invest time, they invest money and they invest emotions. Rare is the man or woman who can walk away from these investments… so a divorce is always the least desirable outcome.

Couples tend to use the threat of divorce as a way of getting their partner to change without ever realizing that no one party is ever fully to blame for marital problems. As a marriage coach, you can show couples how to bring about the change they desire without resorting to divorce or even the threat of divorce.

Our marriage coaching program gives you a better direction when you’re presenting your offer to an individual, couples, businesses or organizations you’d like to offer coaching to.

You’ll be armed with the most powerful information available detailing everything you need to be a successful marital coach.


To Help couples with their marriage coaching business.


To help marriage couples with coaching by empowering them with educational /inspirational tools to help build a ,foundation for couples in whatever city, state or country that they may be in.

Goal: To Help Successful Couples build a lucrative Marriage Coaching Business

Couples Marriage Coaching

The lucrative and demanding field is wide open (with the right training for couples) to give you the freedom and flexibility to work your own hours at your own price. Couples Marriage Coaches can help couples resolve marital issues they would not have been able to resolve on their own. No one gets married with the intention of getting divorced; so couples who come to you are desperately in need of your services.

What Is Marriage Coaching And Why Is It In Demand?

Couples in a troubled relationship are too close to the issues to see them objectively. Instead of looking at the root causes of the troubles they’re facing, many couples tend to simply name their spouse as the reason for Straying In The Marriage No individual gets married with the intent of getting divorced so as a couples marriage coach it’s your job to get at the root of why a couple is having problems. You can do that because you aren’t as close to the relationship (obviously) as they are. This gives you clear insights into their relationship because you can objectively look at it from the outside. Any couple having problems that wants to stay together would be extremely grateful if you both can help them.

Marriage Coaching Isn’t Just For Married Couples

Marriage coaching can be effectively used with for pre-marital couples, couples desiring to strengthen and save their marriage and those couples who are experiencing significant difficulties or are even in the midst of a divorce. Given the number of divorced people who remarry, coaching is definitely appropriate for second or third marriages.

Research shows that “a couple who spends at least 12 hours in a premarital-education program decreases their chance of divorce five years out by 50 percent.” And, “the best marriage-education programs focus on essential marriage skills, like communication, communication & more communication.

In Our Experience

In our experience, effective coaching for pre-marital couples uses a pre-marital inventory. Both programs involve 6-8 sessions with a marriage coach as a supplement to whatever coaching the coaches perform. The sessions involve a review of the strategic plan and a guided discussion using tools put in place by marriage 4 life for each participant.

Exercises concentrate on communications and other basic skills such as commitment, communication, budgeting, problem solving and much more.

Couples complete the strategic plan that will be put in place and review the results with the coach. It is desirable to begin the coaching services soon as possible prior to any wedding, or marital distress.

Our training teaches you how to give people the tools they need to build a happy and successful life together. Many couples fail to stay together simply because they didn’t understand the dynamics of a successful relationship. Marriage is a partnership between two people more than anything. Success in marriage is understanding that you need to take special care of the person who has decided to dedicate the rest of their life helping you live yours.

Many couples may think they understand what a marriage coach is and what they do, but when you become a marriage coach through the Marriage 4 Life Institute, you’ll surprise a lot of people when you help them to understand just how much better their lives together will be with the tools you’ll lay out for them.

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