~Pastors Jerome & Ivy Moore~

This dynamic couple have cultivated and developed a cutting-edge company. Their passion is to build strong marriages and family units that will glorify God and produce purpose of repairing, rebuilding, restoring and renewing relationships.  Being a man and woman of faith they have inspired multitudes of couples to take the limits off to re-tool and rebuild a healthy relationship.


           Our Mission

We create a peace of mind by providing truth and support to those who need us.

          Our Vision

To be worldwide of providing support To Rebuild, To Restore, To Renew, To Repair Broken Relationships

          About Us

Their history of service around the world is rooted firmly in relationships. They offer coaching,education, workshops, seminars, conferences, training,courses, consultation for marriages, & individual relationships. They began when they were married for 10 years, now 31 strong. Founders and CEO of marriage 4 life institute. 95% of their practice is focused on couples. This vision came to them while they were ministering to couples and individuals. Respected for their work in marital stability and divorce prevention; with over 20 years of breakthrough research on marriages have earned them global recognition as relationship experts, private celebrity coaching, frequent interview request radio talk show host, and highly respected coaches who are sought out by professional audiences together or separately. They are engaging and inspiring speakers who combine a wealth of knowledge, truth, & humor.  Their mission and vision statements have reflected that singular focus. But as they have developed services & strategic programs  for those who are seriously hurt, wounded and in pain; they have expanded their programs for mentorship, and welcomed more people to the team of experts with exceptional education programs. They knew it would be a need to revise their mission and vision statements. These direct workshop classes and programs help to re-tool the clients’ development in thinking and show prospective clients and mentors where their values lie.